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Use the search box above to find individual artisans & artists and the objects they created. Information sources include census records, city directories, newspapers, primary sources, and research & publications.

Nineteenth century documents were often inconsistent in spelling, and the handwriting can be difficult to interpret. Browsing last names by initial may help your search:

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Race, gender, and ethnic categories reflect information as recorded in the original sources.

Selected Artisans and Artists

The following names are linked to an entry that provides brief identification information and a link to items related to the artist within our database. Identification information for each entry is compiled from the records in our database, citations and links are provided for any outside resources consulted for the creation of these entries. The purpose of the following entries is to connect our database records by their association to a common artist or artisan; brief biographical information may be provided to show the relationship between individuals and/or companies. Otherwise, biographical research on our database can be found in the Research & Publications collection. Artisans and Artists are chosen for this list based on their known research coverage, frequency within our database, or on the needs of the project team. This list of artisans and artists will continue to grow, so check back often.

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- A -
A. H. Belo & Co., 1865-present.
Afflerbach, Christian, b. 1840-d.1922.
Allen, James W., ca. 1825-1893.
Allen, Thomas, 1849-1924.
Anderson & Blessing, ca.1851-ca.1860.
Anderson, Samuel, b. 1825.

- B -
Bahn, Adolph, 1823-ca. 1901.
Barr, David P., b. 1839.
Barr & Wright, active 1870-1880.
Bartlett & Hooker, active by 1868.
Baulard, Victor Joseph, 1829-1889.
Bell & Brothers, 1860-ca. 1895.
Bell Jewelry Company, active 1895-1961.
Bell, David, 1831-1911.
Bell, J. G., active 1851-1854.
Bell, J.G. & D., 1851-1860.
Bell, Jessup, 1837-1918.
Bell, Powhattan, 1836-1895.
Bell, Samuel, 1798-1882.
Ben C. Jones & Co., ca. 1893-after 1900.
Bentinck, Miss. J., b. ca. 1855.
Blessing & Bro., ca. 1864-ca. 1882.
Blessing, John P., 1835-1882.
Blessing, Samuel T., 1830-1897.
Blessing, Solomon T., 1840-1928.
Brown, Ellick, ca. 1836-after 1920.
Brown, Bettie, 1855-1920.
Brown, Marion T., 1857-1939.
Brown, Taylor, 1800-1883.
Byrnes, T. E., 1835-1916.

- C -
Callaway, Alonzo Newell, b. 1847.
Carmichael Pottery, after 1880-after 1900.
Chamberlain, Samuel Emery, 1829-1908.
Clarke & Courts, 1879-1984.
Cogburn Pottery, ca. 1848-1857.
Cogburn, Cyrus, 1782-1855.
Cogburn, Jackson, 1817-1900.
Cogburn, Joseph, b. ca. 1831.
Cogburn, Levi S., 1812-1866.
Cogburn, Tomlinson, 1818-after 1870.
Cohen, L. L., 1834-1918.
Cranfill, Thomas, ca. 1821-1889.
Cranston Pottery, ca. 1854-after 1890.
Cranston, George, b. ca. 1837.
Cranston, John, ca. 1801-ca. 1867.
Cushing & Cave, ca. 1866-ca. 1879.
Cushing, E. H., 1829-1879.

- D -
Deane, Clarence C., b. 1854.
DePlanque, Louis, b. ca. 1837-d.1898.
Duncan, George, ca. 1829-1863.
Duncan, Matthew, ca. 1796-after 1881.
Durham, Marion J., b. ca. 1836.
Durham-Chandler-Wilson Pottery, 1869-1903.

- E -
E. D. Garratt & Co., ca. 1880-ca. 1897.
E. S. Levy & Co., 1877-1979.
Edwards & Church, ca. 1880s.

- F -
Flett, J. H., active 1883-1885.
Flintoff, Thomas, ca. 1809-1891.
Frazier, Milligan, 1848-after 1910.
Friedrich, Wenzel, 1827-1902.

- G -
Galveston Art Gallery, 1883-1887.
Gautier, C., Mrs., b. ca. 1837.
Gentilz, Theodore, 1819-1906.
George Suttles Pottery, ca. 1882-1912.
Grenet, Edward, 1856-1922.
Gresham, Josephine, b. ca. 1848-1933.
Grossmayer, J., ca. 1875-1900.
Guadalupe Pottery, ca. 1857-1869.
Guy & Cooke, active 1892-1895.
Guy, H., b. 1861.

- H -
H. Wilson & Company, ca. 1869-1884.
Haden, James W., 1858-1907.
Hartmann, Leopold A., active 1890s.
Henderson Pottery Works, ca. 1890-ca. 1894.
Hill, Samuel B., b. ca. 1841-d.1917.
Hillyer, H. B., 1835-1903.
Hogue, Jeremiah S., 1847-1926.
Huddle, William H., 1847-1892.
Hunt Pottery First Site, ca. 1889-ca. 1900.
Hunt, John Fleming, active ca. 1880-1930.

- I -
Isaac Suttles Pottery, ca. 1873-1882.

- J -
J.G. & D. Bell, 1851-1860.
J.P. Blessing & Bro., ca. 1867-1869.
Jahn, Carl Andreas, 1851-1943.
Jahn, Johann, 1816-1883.
Jefferson S. Nash Pottery, ca. 1849-1865.
John Leopard Pottery, ca. 1860-ca. 1883.
Joseph C.D. Rushton Pottery, ca. 1873-1900.
Journeay, William O., b. 1865.

- K -
Kempen, Adolph, ca. 1844-1885.
Kirbee Pottery, ca. 1848-1860.
Kirbee, James M., ca. 1790-after 1883.
Kirkland, Benjamin F., active ca. 1880-1900.
Knox, William C., ca. 1829-after 1880.

- L -
L. Kimik Pottery, ca. 1875-1900.
Letitia Rosenberg Women's Home, 1889-1900.
Leopard, John Davis, ca. 1800-1883.
Lungkwitz, Hermann, 1813-1891.

- M -
M. W. Shaw & Bro., 1855-1938.
Marks, H. R., 1821-1902.
Mayer, Carl F., active by 1865.
Melchior, Rudolph, b. ca. 1836-1868.
Meyer Pottery Co., 1887-1964.
Milam, Bettie Leek, b. 1873.
Morris, H. H., 1869-1956.

- N -
Nash, Jefferson S., b. ca. 1804.
Ney, Elisabet, 1833-1907.
Newton, Weller and Wagner Co., 1909-1915.

- O -
Odom, Thomas Bennett, 1834-after 1892.
Oliphant, William J., 1845-1930.
Onderdonk, Robert Jenkins, 1852-1917.

- P -
Petri, Friedrich Richard, 1824-1857.
Prothro Pottery, 1846-1865.
Prothro, A., b. ca. 1815.
Prothro, Emory, b. ca. 1818.
Prothro, James, 1803-1871.

- R -
Randolph Manufacturing Co., ca. 1855-1881.
Reid, E. L., b. ca. 1846.
Rhonesboro Pottery, ca. 1920-ca. 1935.
Rice, Baulard & Co., est. 1853.
Richter, Ernst, 1858-1932.
Roark Pottery, ca. 1868-1884.
Roark, James, 1837-1901.
Rose, N. H., 1874-1952.
Rose, P. H., b. ca. 1846.
Rushton, Joseph C.D., 1841-1909.

- S -
Sabell, N. S., active 1880s.
Saenger, William, 1847-1921.
San Antonio Pottery Co., ca. 1928-ca. 1937.
Savage, C. H., active 1881-1899.
Schiege, Carl Johann Rudolph, 1805-1901.
Scholl, Heinrich, 1828-1909.
Schuhmann, Emil, b. 1865-d. 1922.
Serren, Augustus, ca. 1829-1878.
Smallwood & Clarke, ?-1870.
Stanton, Henry, active 1893.
Star Pottery, ca. 1888-1909.
Steinhagen, Carl, b. 1814-d. 1893.
Stockfleth, Julius, 1857-1935.
Stoker, Milton R., active ca. 1881-1892.
Stone, John L., 1850-1927.
Strickland & Clarke, 1870-1879.
Suttles, George, ca. 1844-1930.
Suttles, Isaac, ca. 1840-1884.

- T -
T. B. Odom Pottery, ca. 1870.
Tanner, Joseph Royal, 1802-1853.
Taylor Brown Pottery, ca. 1860-1883.
Tietze, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1823-1893.

- U -
Umland, Johann, 1811-1886.

- V -
Von Boeckmann, Eugene, 1853-1897.

- W -
Wandke, Johann Traugott, 1808-1870.
Wells, B. C., ca. 1841-1913.
William C. Knox Pottery, ca. 1859-1872.
William Saenger Pottery, ca. 1886-1905.
William Wilson Pottery, by 1870-ca. 1880.
Williams, W. Wirt, active 1857-1899.
Wilson, Hiram, ca. 1836-1884.
Wilson, James, b. ca. 1847.
Wilson, John McKamey, 1808-1881.
Wilson, Wallace, b. ca. 1845.
Winfield Pottery, 1868-1901.
Wright, Charles J., b. ca. 1847.
Wueste, Louise Heuser, 1805-1874.

- Z -
Zahn, Justus, 1847-1918.

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